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Navigating The Zones – Advanced Pack: Cards to Extend Playing With Navigating The Zones


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by Leah Kuypers, Terri Rossman and Elizabeth Sautter

for ages 10+ (tweens, teens and adults)

The Advanced Extension Pack and Game Cards is a companion to Navigating The Zones to help player 10 to young adult deepen their problem solving, flexibility, imagination, perspective taking and more.

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Buying Tip:  Make sure you use the Zones of Regulation products sequentially.  You start with the The Zones of Regulation (book with lessons).  Once students have a good understanding of the concepts covered in the Zones of Regulation curriculum, you can move onto to the interactive teaching tool, Navigating The Zones.  You can then move onto this Advanced Extension Pack which gives you more game cards to use with the navigation board provided with Navigating the Zones.  It is for use with 1-6 participants and an adult facilitator.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)



IMPORTANT – Please Note!

The Advanced Extension Pack and Game Cards requires the use of Navigating The Zones, sold separately.

About the Advanced Extension Pack and Game Cards

Build on Navigating The Zones and continue the learning! The Advanced Extension Pack and Game Cards is designed to extend the use of the Navigating The Zones cooperative game to help players learn more advanced concepts while gradually guiding them to engage in competitive game play. The Advanced Extension Pack is designed to help players age 10 to young adult deepen their emotional vocabulary, problem solving, critical thinking, flexibility, imagination, perspective taking, and self-regulation. It includes options for competitive game play that encourage engagement with advanced concepts using the core ideas from The Zones of Regulation curriculum.

The Advanced Extension Pack and Game Cards includes more sophisticated Feeling Cards and Situation Cards, introduces Starter and Challenge Cards, and adds three additional levels of play (from collaborative to competitive). The Feeling Cards include 100 emotions to build a stronger emotional vocabulary to help students more clearly define how they are feeling. Starter and Challenge Cards present players with advantages, challenges, and roadblocks that encourage flexibility and higher level strategy to effectively compete.

Levels of Team Engagement

Use Navigating The Zones plus the Advanced Extension Pack to access four levels of team engagement, each advancing in complexity to help students practice and develop stronger self-regulation skills as they move from collaborative to competitive game play. These levels are sequential and should be taught in order:

Level 1.  Learning through the Zones Pathway. Use Navigating The Zones. Participants become familiar with the navigation board, the basic Zones Pathway, the Situation, Feeling, and Tool cards, and actively reflect on the process of self-regulation within each Zone through the Checkpoint process. Participants work together to obtain Destination Regulation! packets.

Level 2.  Advanced Situations and Feelings added. Use Navigating The Zones plus the Advanced Extension Pack. Explore the four Zones Pathways using new and more sophisticated Situation and Feeling Cards. Engagement remains team-focused.

Level 3.  Competitive game play begins. Use Navigating The Zones plus the Advanced Extension Pack. Players now work individually to navigate the Zones Pathways and try to earn Destination Regulation! packets to win, introducing a moderate level of competition. Starter Cards are introduced: Wild Cards and Trade-A-Cards. These encourage flexibility, critical thinking, and deeper problem solving.

Level 4.  Full competitive game play. Use Navigating The Zones plus the Advanced Extension Pack. Players practice self-regulation through strategic and competitive game play. Three new Challenge Cards are added: Stuck in Your Zone Cards, STOP, OPT, and GO cards, and Pathway MY Way Cards. These cards present players with advantages, unanticipated challenges, and roadblocks that require stronger self-regulation, additional thought, reading the intentions of others, and problem solving.

Getting Started

  • 1-6 players plus an adult Facilitator
  • Visual cues on cards included in Navigating The Zones (coloured dots indicating possible zones; feeling illustrations) are no longer included in the Advanced Pack. Players are expected to use their social minds and problem solve in a deeper way.
  • Adaptations and modifications are included to accommodate different levels of learners.

What’s in the Box

  • 300 Advanced Situation Cards (100 of each: Home, School, Community)
  • 100 Advanced Feeling Cards
  • 40 Tool Cards (10 per Zone colour)
  • 30 Starter Cards
  • 25 Challenge Cards
  • Plastic card deck tray and labels

Please Note

This Advanced Pack requires use of the Navigation Board and other materials from Navigating The Zones.

Want all three Zones products?

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Publishing Information

  • Ages: 10+
  • Format: Game
  • Published: 2018 by Think Social Publishing Inc
  • Item Number: 3524

Additional information

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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