The Zones of Regulation Storybook Set


by Leah Kuypers & Elizabeth Sautter

for Ages 15-11

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The two children’s books in the The Zones of Regulation Storybook Set were created to provide an easy, kid-friendly way to kick off and support lessons for children ages 5-11 years old, while using the The Zones of Regulation Curriculum (book).  Accompanying poster available HERE.

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Story Book 1 – The Road to Regulation: A Story about Understanding Feelings and Emotions

The Road to Regulation, the first storybook, takes young readers on a school-day journey as Gabriel, Suhana, Julian, and Vivian learn about the Zones of Regulation throughout their day. Whether they are on the noisy bus, trying to focus in class, feeling left out in the cafeteria, or scoring a homerun in a kickball game, they experience a wide range of feelings in different sizes, intensities, and levels of energy. During a school assembly, they learn that all those high, low, and in-between feelings fit into four coloured Zones. The Zones of Regulation gives them an easy way to talk and think about their feelings in their bodies. When a fire alarm sends everyone reeling in different ways, the kids have a perfect opportunity to reflect on the ups and downs of their day and see how they were in different Zones at different times. Best of all, they realize that all Zones—and all feelings—are okay and learning to recognize and understand them are the first steps on The Road to Regulation.

Story Book 2 – The Regulation Station: Exploring Tools to Help Manage Feelings and Emotions

In The Regulation Station, the second storybook in this two-book series, Gabriel falls asleep and dreams that he’s on a fantastic adventure with his friends. After a wild bus ride, they discover a magical place, The Regulation Station, filled with activities, art, and movement. As the friends explore different experiences at the Regulation Station, they begin to notice how they feel afterward–more relaxed, focused, and calm. Back at school, Gabriel realizes that the activities from his dream are actually called “tools”—and that tools have special powers that help us regulate our feelings and our bodies so we can meet the needs of our day. The class continues to learn about the steps on the Road to Regulation and Gabriel wonders, “Was it all a dream, after all?”

How do you use the storybooks?

The books can be used in multiple ways: read to a whole classroom of students, used as a therapy tool, read at home, or for children to pick up and read on their own. When reading the storybooks, take the time to discuss the situations and help children reflect on and process times when they have been in similar situations and how they might have felt. The storybooks are sequential, so don’t skip ahead! Always start with The Road to Regulation, in conjunction with the lessons in The Zones of Regulation curriculum for deeper teaching and extending activities and applications before moving onto The Regulation Station.

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