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The Zones of Regulation “Condensed” Training – Online “Live” with Leah Kuypers 10 March 2021


Tickets on sale NOW. 

On Wednesday 10 March 2021 we will be offering a three hour “condensed training” in The Zones of Regulation.  That will be followed on Friday 12 March 2021 by the much anticipated three hour “School Wide Implementation” workshop (tickets sold separately HERE).

Wednesday 10 March 2021 Three Hour “Condensed” Training

This 3 hour live webinar presented by the author of The Zones of Regulation, Leah Kuypers, is a condensed version of the full day (6 hour) training.

Participants will receive an understanding of the Zones framework and ideas for implementation. This condensed training will highlight key components of the Zones curriculum.  This workshop is perfect for all those who use The Zones of regulation in their practice, their school or at home.

This or similar training is a prerequisite to attend the “School Wide Implementation” workshop on 12 March 2021 – tickets for the “School Wide Implementation” workshop sold separately HERE.

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This three hour workshop will be presented “live” online via Zoom US at a time that suits those living in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.


This workshop will not be recorded and needs to be attended during the live broadcast.

Timings are as follows:

  • 1:00pm – 4:00pm New Zealand
  • 11:00am – 2:00pm in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and Canberra.
  • 10:30am – 1:30pm in South Australia
  • 10:00am – 1:00pm in Queensland
  • 9:30am – 12:30pm in The Northern Territory
  • 8:00am – 11:00am in Western Australia, Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia
  • 7:00am – 10:00am in Indonesia

Ticket Price

The price displaying is in Australian Dollars.  The price includes GST if viewing from Australia and is Tax free if viewing outside Australia (our website geolocates you).

Group Rates

If you wish to register a group please email peter@socialmind.com.au with your exact numbers and we will send you the discount code.

What you get

  • Printed workbook posted to you before the workshop. This workbook contains all the OHP slides and all the handouts.
  • Printed and personalised Attendance Certificate crediting you with 3 hours toward your PD obligations, posted to you before the workshop.
  • A 15% Discount on any educational resource purchased from The Social Mind (Australia) website (training excluded), we will send you a discount code.
  • Three hours of informative instruction from the author of The Zones of Regulation, Leah Kuypers.

What you will learn

You will learn how to implement Leah’s highly popular and internationally recognised Zones of Regulation framework.  Leah will explain a variety of tools (sensory supports, calming techniques, and thinking strategies) to help students recognise their internal emotions, sensory needs and thinking patterns within in each zone and when shifting from one zone to another. Most importantly you will learn how to teach students to self-regulate within “the Zones”.  This live webinar is a condensed version of the full day training.  Participants will walk away with basic understanding of the Zones framework and support for implementation.  This condensed version will highlight key components of the Zones curriculum. 

How it Works

Once your registration is paid, we will post your printed Workbook, Personalised Attendance Certificate, Tax Invoice/Receipt, the Zoom link and the Discount code.

Note: This training will be presented “live” and online via Zoom US and it will NOT be recorded nor available for replay.

We are aware that both the Queensland and ACT Governments block Zoom US from broadcast in their schools.  If you work in an ACT or Qld Government school, you can view the presentation via your own devise using your personal web browser or simply view from home.

You might also be interested in our second workshop and attend them both!

Friday 12 March 2021 Three Hour “School Wide Implementation” Training (tickets sold separately HERE).

The goal of this three hour training is to prepare schools to implement The Zones of Regulation as a school wide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program across the whole school. Participants can expect to extend their foundational knowledge of The Zones as well as to gain practical knowledge and resources to roll-out this curriculum first with school staff and then with students. The training will be presented by Emily Waltz, The Zones of Regulation’s School Wide Implementation specialist.


All registrations must be made online via The Social Mind website.


  • Preferred payment is via our website using Credit Card or PayPal upon online registration.
  • For credit cards, click on the credit card button at the bottom of the PayPal page, you don’t have to have a PayPal account to make the payment.
  • If you would like to pay via School Purchase Order or NDIS Self Managed Plan or via a Plan Manager, you can also do that via our website. Click on “Pay by Purchase Order/NDIS in the checkout and the website will email you a Tax Invoice, our bank details are on the Invoice, payment will confirm your registration.  This option is NOT available to schools outside Australia.
  • More information about School Purchase Orders and NDIS Orders on our website here.
  • If you have a payment question you can call The Social Mind office on (02) 5105 5262 or email peter@socialmind.com.au

Purchasing Conditions

  • Our Workshop Refund and Cancellation Policy is here.
  • In purchasing a ticket you are deemed to have accepted our Workshop Refund and Cancellation Policy.
  • If you are purchasing a ticket from a country outside Australia our website does not display or charge the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Your Tax Invoice/Receipt will be emailed upon purchase and a hard copy of your Invoice will be posted with your Workbook, Attendance Certificate etc. Make sure you don’t mistype your email address (the most common mistake).  Check your Spam or Junk folder if you don’t receive our confirmation email straight away.
  • This workshop will be presented “live” online via Zoom US so you can attend from your home, your office, your school, either individually or as a team. Please be aware if you work in a school that blocks Zoom US, you will have to view the workshop using your personal web browser. We deem it your responsibility to find out if your school blocks Zoom US and your responsibility to take appropriate steps to view the broadcast.  You can contact The Social Mind if you have questions.
  • Please note that this training will NOT be available for download or future viewings so must be attended at the times indicated.
  • No refund will be provided if you can’t log on for technical reasons or are sick on the day.
  • Again, our full Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policy is here.
  • Again, in purchasing a ticket we deem you to have accepted and agreed to the conditions outlined in our Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Please Note

This training focuses on education around using The Zones of Regulation framework, laid out in The Zones of Regulation Curriculum (Kuypers, 2011) book. It is imperative to have access to this book when implementing for detailed guidance in instruction and visual materials that are contained in the book. This will help to ensure the curriculum is implemented with fidelity. The curriculum, along with additional supplementary Zones of Regulation core materials can be purchased HERE.  You are entitled to a 15% discount on all “Zones” products after you purchase a ticket to this workshop. We will email you a discount code.

Sharing the Zones – Intellectual Property

Important information on sharing the information you will receive in this workshop can be found HERE.

Still have a Question?

Call our office (02) 5105 5262 or email peter@socialmind.com.au

Meet Leah Kuypers

As the creator and author of The Zones,  Leah desires to provide others with information on a framework used to foster self regulation and emotional control.  Her book, The Zones of Regulation (Think Social Publishing, 2011)  has been enthusiastically received by educators, therapists and parents around the world.    In addition to developing additional learning tools to supplement The Zones curriculum, she owns a small business, Kuypers Consulting, Inc., based out of Minneapolis, MN .  She enjoys providing training and consultations to parents, schools and professionals by offering workshops on self-regulation and the Zones framework to groups locally, around the United States and internationally. 

To date over 100,000 copies of The Zones of Regulation book have been sold and the framework has been implemented in districts around the world to support students’ social emotional learning. ​ 

Event Details

The Zones of Regulation "Condensed" Training – Online “Live” with Leah Kuypers 10 March 2021

Day 1: March 10, 2021

Phone: (02) 5105 5262

Email: peter@socialmind.com.au

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