Superflex Thinkables Poster


by Michelle Garcia Winner

Ages 7-10+

Item No: 3265

This poster boldly displays 14 Thinkables to remind students of their Superflex powers when Unthinkables appear. Encourages expected, pro-social thinking and behavior. Perfect for home, school, or anywhere flexible thinking is needed!

Buying Tip:  Each Thinkable character is a counterpart to the Unthinkable character or challenge, and adds to a person’s superflexible powers to defeat the Unthinkables. When we use our flexible thinking our Thinkables, who are part of Superflex’s team, start showing up!  A great visual teaching tool.  To help you teach Superflex, read this free article.

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Thinkables have been seen all over Social Town now that children are learning to use self-regulation and flexible-thinking strategies!

Kids can call on their Superflex and Thinkable powers anytime, anyplace, to defeat Unthinkables, coach them along the expected social route, and avoid unexpected behavior. Once children are using the Superflex…A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum, hang this poster in your classroom, clinic, or home to remind kids of the strategies they’ve learned and to help you strengthen teachable moments.

This poster depicts the cast of 14 Thinkables, their names, and the Unthinkable each character helps to defeat. Pair it with our Unthinkables Poster to further the learning. When you compare the two posters, you’ll see that each Unthinkable and corresponding Thinkable are placed in the same location on each poster.

Due to popular request, this poster is now smaller. Dimensions: 18″ width x 24″ length.

A diverse group of kids as Superflex joins the cast on each poster—reinforcing that Superflex lives inside each child. Drive this concept home with our free Superflex is Me handout!

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Publishing Information

  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Format: Poster
  • Item: 3265
  • Published: 2015

Additional information

Weight 2.5 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Young Children, Primary School, High School


Michelle Garcia Winner

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