Superflex Series Dynamic Duo Basic Bundle


by Michelle Garcia Winner & Dr Pam Crooke

for ages 7-10+

Item No: B-DUO

The Superflex® Curriculum Package 2nd Edition is now a three piece set with a link to some free digital downloads.

Grab your magnifying glasses, fasten your capes, and take off with the Dynamic Duo—our Superflex social learning series for Primary School aged kids. Save $$ on this bundle, where you’ll find a total of 35 fun, interactive print & digital lessons and step-by-step teaching support guides with BONUS digital content—downloadable Thinksheets, activity lessons, and teaching PowerPoints to help bring social learning and problem solving to life in ways that motivate and empower kids—and are fun to teach.

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What’s included in the bundle?

1. You Are a Social Detective!, 2nd Edition
A multiple-award winner and the first storybook of the Superflex Series

The social world is a big, complicated place that requires us to constantly figure out hidden rules in situations to help us make sense of how we are all interpreting and responding to each other’s actions and reactions. Expanded and revised, this award-winning 2nd edition storybook provides an all-new structured approach to observation, illustrations that reflect a broader range of inclusion and diversity in characters, and lessons and practice for deeper learning. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately HERE.




2. You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum & Support Guide

This teaching curriculum guide to the award-winning storybook is just the tool you need to bring this important social learning into the classroom, clinic, or home. Help your students become Social Detectives with an easy-to-use curriculum that fits into your current teaching day. This guide provides 10 structured lesson plans, teaching PowerPoints, and visual tools to support building students’ social attention, social interpretation, and self-awareness—the foundation for social, emotional & academic learning for everyone. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately HERE.






3. Superflex® 2nd Edition Kit: Curriculum, Storybook, and Visuals
New! Updated & Expanded

Empower your students to activate their superpowers of flexibility, self-awareness, executive functions, self-regulation, and more with the new Superflex® 2nd Edition Kit: Curriculum, Storybook, and Visuals. This eagerly awaited new edition of the bestselling Superflex® Curriculum package has undergone extensive updates and changes to now feature inclusive images, neurodiversity-friendly language, new Superflexes, revised Thinkable & UnthinkaBot characters, Bot powers, visual supports, and much more. The revised curriculum provides a structured teaching approach with 25 evidence-informed, interactive quests (lessons) and a step-by-step guide for how to introduce each lesson, ideas for what to say and do, visual supports & downloadable resources. The Visuals Pack contains quick-reference teaching tools for the 14 Thinkables and 14 UnthinkaBots. And the revised and updated storybook, Superflexes Take on Rock Brain and the StuckBots, introduces kids to the pretend realm of Social Town, Superflex, and the UnthinkaBots (also called Unthinkables). BONUS digital content: Each lesson includes access to a teaching PowerPoint to bring the characters and concepts to life and increase student engagement and participation.

Note: The idea of teaching social concepts via the lens of a social superhero and imaginary characters was inspired by ideas from, and developed alongside, Neurodivergent students. However, the curriculum and storybooks are designed to empower all neurotypes to learn strategies to activate their Superflex powers and transform themselves into their own unique superhero. A good choice for both schools and clinics. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately HERE.

Publishing Information

  • Ages: 5-10+
  • Format: Bundle without Games
  • Item: B-DUO
  • Published: 2024  – Think Social Publishing Inc

Additional information

Weight 2.9 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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