Superflex Curriculum and Teaching Guide 2nd Edition


by Michelle Garcia Winner & Dr Pam Crooke

for ages 7-10+

Item No: 6999

The Superflex® Curriculum Package 2nd Edition is now a three piece set with a link to some free digital downloads.

Product Overview: This new edition of the Superflex® Curriculum package is part two in the Superflex series. (Part one is You Are a Social Detective!). For over a decade, our practical, motivating, and kid-friendly Superflex Curriculum has been a core resource for teaching students with different learning styles about flexibility, self-awareness, social interpretation, metacognition, executive functions, and self-regulation. This updated and expanded 2nd edition Superflex Curriculum Package augments the available resources and enhances support for educators, therapists, and parents through a suite of print and digital teaching materials. The 25 interactive quests that make up the curriculum help students transform abstract thinking into concrete strategies as they learn prosocial and proactive ways to figure out how people work, learn, and play together from a social and emotional perspective.

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The 3-piece set: What’s included?

You will receive a 3-piece set of printed materials…

1) Superflex Curriculum® and Teaching Guide

Taking on the UnthinkaBots® with Thinkable Powers, 2nd edition 8.5 x 11″, 120 pages Includes a comprehensive Introduction followed by 25 quests (lessons) broken up into three groupings

Quests 1-4: The opening quests prime the learning and introduce students to the Superflex Academy and the idea of transforming into their own Superflexes.

Quests 5-18: The character pair quests introduce the 14 different UnthinkaBot and Thinkable pairings and their powers.

Quest 20-25: The final quests tie everything together with students powering up their flexible thinking and learning about how to use Thinkable strategies to manage and send UnthinkaBots to Sleeper Pods to hibernate.


2) Superflexes Take on Rock Brain and the StuckBots (storybook)

9.5 x 8.5″, 32 pages. This updated Rock Brain story features new Superflex heroes Jaden and Olivia (and their sidekicks, Super Woof and Super Otis). This book is a key component within this curriculum set and is used across several lessons.

Quest 1 is focused on reading this storybook in its entirety, and pages/concepts continue to be referenced in Quests 2, 3, 4, and 5.

3) Supplemental Teaching Visuals Pack

This pack includes (16) reference visuals, outlined below, printed on 8.5″ × 11″ sturdy paper stock for you to hold up, hang, etc. to support student learning.

Double-sided Mini-poster: UnthinkaBots & Thinkables Handout size double-sided poster featuring the UnthinkaBot characters’ images and names on one side and the Thinkable characters’ images and names on the opposite side.

Pairs & Powers Visuals (14) Double-sided teaching tools, one for each of the 14 character pairs. The front side of the visual includes an image of each character in the pair. The back side includes a bulleted description of the powers of each character.

My Thinkable Brain Power Picker A quick visual reference with each Thinkable’s powers/strategies for managing the UnthinkaBots and their Bots to photocopy and share with students.

4) Supplemental Digital Teaching Tools

What’s included? You will be provided a link to download and access these materials. The link is printed on both the inside front cover and inside back cover of the curriculum book.

Letter to Families – This letter introduces and provides information about the Superflex Curriculum to caregivers about supporting their child’s learning at home.

“Superflex Academy is in Session” – A sign To hang up ahead of each quest; reused across all of the lessons. •

Quest Thinksheets – Over 20 designated Thinksheets to use across all 25 quests to supplement the learning, including: Spot the Thinkable or UnthinkaBot, Super Sleeper Sheet, and more!

Quest PowerPoints – (24) Quests include a supplemental PowerPoint slide show for the facilitators who prefer to present the lessons using a smart board or other digital technology. (The only quest that doesn’t include a PPT is Quest 25.)

Song Lyric Sheets – Songs and lyrics from the Superflex: My Hero Inside music album are incorporated into some of the quests to provide a supplemental multisensory way for students who learn best with a variety of tools. Lyric sheets are free and available to download. The music is available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to purchase this new edition if I have the 1st edition of the book?

Answer: The new curriculum is completely different from the previous edition. The teaching approach is different and the Unthinkables are now UnthinkaBots with Bot powers. This edition has supplemental digital content and is greatly expanded. In other words, this new edition provides many significant updates while also refining how to teach the core principles defined in the first edition. The interactive lessons foster inquiry-based learning with hands-on, multisensory lessons and a suite of both print and digital teaching tools which can be used in classrooms, clinics, community centers, and homes. So, while the answer is usually, “depends”, in this case the answer is that the content of the curriculum is different enough that it’s worth the new purchase.

Question: Will an eBook version of this 2nd Edition package be offered?

Answer: We do not plan to offer this product as an eBook due to its multiple parts.

Reinforcements in the SUPERFLEX Series

Publishing Details

  • Ages: 7 – 10+
  • Published: February 2024
  • Publisher: Think Social Publishing Inc
  • Format: 2 x Paperback Books and 1 x Set of 16 Reference Visuals (sturdy paper stock)
  • Pages: Curriculum 120 pages, Comic book 32 pages, Visuals 16 Cards 22 cms x 28 cms
  • Item: 6999

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