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Workshop Information – Ticketing Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find all the information you need to know about the Social Thinking 4 day Workshop series to be held in Melbourne 17-20 February 2020. The information includes:

  • What do I get if I purchase a Premium Ticket?
  • Our Exclusive Paris 99 Fashion Experience – free with every Premium Ticket
  • How do I register?
  • What’s your Privacy Policy?
  • Ok, I’ve registered, how do I complete my ticket purchase?
  • How to purchase a ticket using a Purchase Order?
  • Do you offer Parent/Carer/Student Sponsorships?
  • Is this event catered?
  • Will this workshop be held anywhere else in Australia in 2020?
  • The daily timetable for the workshop including start time, break times and end time?
  • What to bing?
  • Do I get an Attendance Certificate?
  • Our Refund and Cancelation Policy?
  • Do I get a Tax Invoice/Receipt?
  • How do I get to the venue?
  • Do I get a workbook at the workshop?
  • What’s your Privacy Policy?
  • How to contact us if you still have a question?

Tickets are available HERE.

In purchasing a ticket we deem you to have accepted our Workshop Cancelation and Refund Policy and have read the information below.



What do I get if I purchase a Premium Ticket?

We are offering “Premium” tickets to this event. Premium tickets will appeal to those travelling from interstate or overseas to attend the event as it includes access to discounted accommodation, an airport transfer, full catering and much more.  We have packaged this offer as a cost effective way to bundle a lot of services.  Our Premium package is value for money! This is what you get for no more than the cost of catering on top of the regular ticket price if you purchase a “Premium Bundle” ticket.  You pay for catering but you get much more! Premium tickets include:

  • Full catering which includes welcome tea and coffee, morning and afternoon tea and lunch (valued at $75 per day).
  • Reserved premium seating at the workshop(s).
  • Book deal – 10% discount at the workshop (books will be sold at the workshop but will only be discounted to Premium ticket holders).
  • Access to a 15% discount off accommodation booked at the Pan Pacific Hotel Melbourne.  We will email you instructions about how to make a booking after you purchase your Premium ticket.
  • Free pre-arranged Airport transfer from Melbourne Airport to the Pan Pacific Hotel for anyone flying into Melbourne from interstate or overseas, and who elect to stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel Melbourne. You will be picked up by a luxury hire car.  Terms: Airport transfer not available if you elect to stay somewhere else (not the Pan Pacific Hotel) and only available to interstate and overseas residents traveling from their place of residence to attend the workshop.
  • An invitation to our exclusive Paris 99 fashion experience to be held on an afternoon/evening during the workshop series. This is an exclusive small group experience with Toorak based fashion designer Yahav Ron. The experience includes free drinks and nibbles and a guided tour of Yahav’s fabulous discounted designer fashions. You can even try the garments on! There is no pressure to buy, although you can do that, it’s all about the experience.  We will provide free transport from the Pan Pacific Hotel to Paris 99 and back. A Social Mind employee will also escort the group.
  • Access to exclusive offers. Purchasing a Premium ticket will provide you with access to exclusive offers made by The Social Mind throughout 2020.  Offers will include but won’t be limited to, exclusive access to book discounts, exclusive free shipping offers, advanced notification regarding upcoming training opportunities with pre-release ticket discounts etc.

Our Exclusive Paris 99 Fashion Experience – free with every Premium Ticket

With Yahav as an expert guide, Premium ticket holders can explore and discover new ways of dressing; have fun and look fabulous in a safe, discreet and private space. All while experiencing clothing at its finest; fabric, cut, detail and fit.

Garments are sourced from a close network of stylish women from all over the world. Through a range of styles and sizes you’ll experience the broad spectrum of fashion; from Belgian and Japanese avant-garde to New York sportswear and Italian luxe; from t-shirts to beaded ball gowns and everything in between. Everything is priced between 70 – 90% off the original retail, to make these incredible pieces accessible to all fashion lovers.

No pressure to buy, free luxury transport from the Pan Pacific Hotel and back and free Gin & Tonics and nibbles.  The Social Mind receives no financial incentives for arranging this fashion experience for our Premium ticket holders, but we have attended such events ourselves in the past, we’ve got to know Yahav and are looking forward to joining you at the event ourselves!  It’s a lot of fun. If you fly to Melbourne from interstate or overseas a Premium ticket is a great way to enjoy our Melbourne workshop experience.

How do I register?

To help you register, here are some tips. When you purchase a ticket by adding the number of tickets you want to the ticket box, a drop down registration form will appear on your screen. All fields are mandatory i.e. require a response.  To help you prepare, below is the information you will need.  Common mistakes are in the spelling of your name and your email address.  If you spell your name incorrectly it will appear like that on your Attendance Certificate.  If you mistype your email address you won’t hear from us and wonder why.  So take care.  If you are registering people from your organisation you can register multiple people at the same time, just make sure you have all their information before you start and don’t be tempted to put your own details in the registration form if you are not attending the workshop. Ok?  That’s a common mistake, we receive six registrations all in the name of the admin person tasked with the responsibility of buying the tickets.  Get all the information we need before you start the registration process.  If you need help call us on (02) 5105 5262 and we’ll answer your questions.  Here’s the registration information you will need.

  • First Name (person attending)
  • Last Name (person attending)
  • Email Primary (person attending)
  • Email Alternate (person attending) – we will use this if we can’t get through to you on your primary email. If your primary email is a school or government email, use your personal email here.  Some government departments block mail outs, some people don’t access their school email during school holidays etc.
  • Mobile Phone No. (person attending)
  • Where do you live? (In which Australian State do you live? or Which overseas country?)
  • Dietary Requests (Premium Tickets only, write NA if not applicable)

What’s your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy is HERE.

Ok, I’ve registered, how do I complete my ticket purchase?

  • After you complete the registration form, scroll to the bottom of the ticket list and click “Add To Cart”. Yep, you’ll need to scroll down the page.  There are 14 ticket options so it’s a long list and the “Add to Cart” button is at the bottom, so scroll down after you complete the registration details.  Clicking “Add to Cart” will take you to the next step.
  • On the next page, if we have given you a Parent/Carer/Student Sponsorship, this is where you add the code we gave you.  Everyone should use this step to check the shopping cart to make sure you have purchased the tickets you want.  Tip, make sure you check that you have the correct number of tickets in your shopping cart.  The most common mistake is buying two tickets when you wanted one.
  • Then click “Proceed to Checkout”. You will then be asked for your billing details, those will appear on your Tax Invoice/Receipt, which will be emailed to you once payment has been completed.
  • Payment is the final step.  The website accepts credit and debit cards and PayPal.  You can also use a Purchase Order but will require a Purchase Order Number, ask your school administrator or government department finance person about that before you try and buy a ticket, have your Purchase Order number ready if that’s your payment option (Purchase Orders are used by schools and government departments).
  • At the end of the process the website will email you your Tax Invoice, it comes attached to the email you receive.
  • The website will also email you your tickets.  Print them out and keep them in a safe place.  You will need your ticket to gain access to the workshop.
  • If you have problems at any step call us on (02) 5105 5262.

How to purchase a ticket using a Purchase Order?

Some schools and government departments use a Purchase Order system.  If this does not apply to you, skip this bit.

To register for any of these workshops using a Purchase Order you will need to register via the website. When you get to the checkout chose the pay by Purchase Order option.  You should provide us with your purchase Order Number when prompted for for that information, so organise the Purchase Order with your admin or finance area before you begin the registration process with us.  The website will email your Tax Invoice and our bank details are on the Invoice.  Our Terms are payment within 30 days.

If you need to use a centralised Invoicing system such as NSW Education’s EDconnect or NSW Health or QLD Education’s One School, or Victoria DET, we are a registered vendor with most state education departments and health departments and many private schools around Australia, you can find our vendor details on your system using our business details below.  You will still need to register for the workshop online even if you use a centralised Invoicing system.

Our business details for you to obtain a Purchase Order are as follows:

  • Name: The Social Mind Pty Ltd
  • ABN: 61 624 876 624
  • Address: PO Box 4170 Hawker ACT 2614
  • Bank Details: BSB 112-908 Account No. 441 333 732
  • Remittance to: [email protected] – Use your Order Number as the payment reference.

NoteFor anyone using a Purchase Order, payment must be received BEFORE the workshop for your registration to be valid.

Do you offer Parent/Carer/Student Sponsorships?

The Social Mind does provide sponsorship for people who are not employed in an area providing services being covered by the training.  We provide sponsorship to the following:

  • People who are parents or carers of a child who would benefit from the information provided in the workshop and are not employed in an area providing services related to the workshop topic.
  • Full-time students who are currently enrolled in full-time study that will qualify them to work in an area related to the workshop topic but are not currently employed full-time in an area related to the workshop topic.

Please be aware that The Social Mind is not a registered NDIS provider. To obtain information on sponsorship to attend this training as a Parent/Carer/Student, call The Social mind on (02) 5105 5262 . We want parents/carers to attend the training and have set a very competitive daily rate to enable that, so call us for details.

Is this event catered?

Please note that catering i.e. food and beverages, only comes with “Premium” tickets, all other tickets are non-catered.  Premium tickets include catering, all other tickets do not. If you do not purchase a Premium ticket, bring lunch and snacks (you will also have time to buy lunch and refreshments).

Will this workshop be held anywhere else in Australia in 2020?

This workshop will only be held in Melbourne in 2020.  We have put together a package to benefit people who travel from interstate or overseas to attend this workshop series in Melbourne.  Check out the “Premium” ticket package, it’s great value for money and will suit those who travel to Melbourne to attend the workshop.  At this stage, we have no plans to host Michelle in Australia for a few years after this workshop, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Workshop Timetable

All workshops will start on time at 8:30am with registration open from 8am and follow the following timetable.

8:00am – Registration opens

8:30am – Workshop Commences

10:15am – Morning Break (30 minutes)

10:45am – Workshop Continues

12:00 noon – Lunch (60 minutes)

1:00pm – Workshop Continues

2:15pm – Afternoon Break (30 minutes)

2:45pm – Workshop Continues

4:30pm – Workshop Concludes

What to Bring?

Water/water bottle, pen and notebook/device, if you do not purchase catering i.e. a “Premium” ticket, (Premium tickets include catering all other tickets do not)   bring lunch and snacks (you will also have time to buy lunch and refreshments), don’t forget that water bottle.

Do I get a Certificate of Attendance?

The Social Mind issues the person who attends one of our workshops a certificate crediting you with:

  • 6 workshop/contact hours per workshop day
  • 12 workshop/contact hours if you attend a two-day workshop
  • 18 workshop/contact hours if you attend a three-day workshop
  • 24 workshop/contact hours if you attend all four workshops.

Note:  Attendance Certificates will be emailed to attendees within 60 days of the completion of the workshop.

What is our workshop refund and cancelation policy?

Our Workshop Refund and Cancelation Policy can be found HERE.

I’ve booked but never received my receipt by email.

Please check your Spam folder. If you are a Gmail user, please also check your “Social” and “Promotions” tabs in your Inbox.

How do I get to the venue?

The workshop will be held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf VIC 3006.  Information on how to get to the venue, including public transport, car parking, accomodation, cafes and restaurants is HERE.

Do I get a workbook at the workshop?

All the powerpoint slides and handouts are presented in a workbook provided to you at registration on the day of the workshop.

What’s your Privacy Policy?

We respect your personal information and protect it appropriately.  You can read our Privacy Policy HERE.

Still have a question?

Send your question to [email protected] or you can call us on (02) 5105 5262.  We are happy to help you register over the phone if you are having trouble.

Tickets are available HERE.