Showing Kindness


by Tenille Seow

for early learners…and teachers, parents, carers and therapists teaching kindness.  Oh, and anyone who likes fairies…and isn’t that everyone?

Think of a place filled with stardust and snowflakes, high above the softest, whitest clouds. This place is Starland. You will meet new friends in Starland: Harry the Brave, Edward the Strong, and Eliza the Wise. Most importantly, you will meet Poppy. You may not believe this, but she is a fairy! Yes, a real fairy, with delicate wings and kind eyes. Do you know how to be kind? Poppy will show you how!

A heartwarming story that engages the reader through it’s magical illustrations and shares an important message about the importance of kindness. Highly recommended for any early years classroom. Review by a Year 1 Teacher

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  • Colourful Pages – associated with positive thinking, energy, and happiness.
  • Big Illustrations – helpful for those with vision impairment.
  • Familiar characters – helps with anxiety and uncertainty. Who doesn’t love Fairies and Unicorns?
  • Great for practising reading.
  • Message about Kindness.

How can you be kind today?

About the Author

Tenille Seow lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Ian and three children Sierra, Oliver, and Emma. Tenille knows a little about anxiety with living with the condition all her life.  What helped her the most to deal with anxiety the most is being creative. In 2020 when everyone had to stay at home she found her old story about a fairy, a rabbit, and a mouse. She worked for nearly a year to bring this book to life. Now she wants to share it with others.

More Reviews

This is a really sweet book with a lovely message and beautifully illustrated.

This book is about showing kindness, and it certainly does! My three year old loves all the different characters Harry the Brave, Edward the Strong, and Eliza the Wise. Would recommend!

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  • Format: Hard Cover
  • Publisher: Ocean Reeve Publishing
  • Published: 19 January 2022
  • Pages: 24
  • Item: 2596

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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