Navigating the Zones – Interactive teaching tool


by Leah Kuypers, Terri Rossman & Elizabeth Sautter

for ages 8-18 and young adult

Item No: 3449

This unique cooperative game expands on the teachings of The Zones of Regulation. It introduces the concept of the “Zones Pathway” via an interactive board and a variety of card decks to explore situations, emotions and related self-regulatory tools.  Participants collaborate as they problem solve how to navigate different social situations.

Buying Tip:  The adult facilitator using Navigating The Zones and the participants in your program, need to be familiar with the core concepts and vocabulary taught in The Zones of Regulation curriculum to use this product effectively.  Navigating The Zones is NOT intended to be a stand-alone tool to teach The Zones of Regulation framework. Navigating The Zones highlights a few core concepts in the book, but does not begin to tackle all concepts taught, so start by teaching The Zones of Regulation before you use this product.

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The game is now smaller, lighter, and more durable! The board is now made of a strong mouse pad-like material to withstand heavy use.

About Navigating The Zones

Navigating The Zones is a cooperative game that expands on the teachings of The Zones of Regulation curriculum. It encourages students to collaboratively build different “Zones Pathways” – visual, sequential, and concrete road maps that help participants practice the process of social problem-solving that’s required for emotional self-regulation. This three-step process involves thinking about a situation (where are we, who are we with?), exploring a feeling that may be experienced in response to the situation, and considering different tools or strategies that may be used when experiencing this situation and feeling.

Group collaboration is a significant part of the journey in Navigating The Zones. Participants work together, under the guidance of the Adult Facilitator, to support each other and reach a shared goal. They can offer each other help, ask questions, suggests tools and strategies, and more—so that as a team, everyone is successful and the learning is rich! Navigating The Zones purposely avoids competitive play. This flexible teaching tool can be used in a therapeutic or nontherapeutic setting, in a classroom or a living room, by parents, educators, aides, counselors, clinical therapists, behaviorists, psychologists, social workers, etc. Materials are adaptable to the learning needs of participants.

Targets for Learning

  • Reinforce teaching the Zones of Regulation framework to encourage the development of a self-regulation skill set
  • Use a system to categorize feelings and emotions into four colored zones for improved self-awareness
  • Recognize and communicate the internal feelings, levels of arousal, and sensory states that one experiences in different zones
  • Reflect on how various situations impact feelings and states
  • Practice identifying tools and strategies to regulate one’s internal feelings, states, and sensory needs within specific Zones
  • Reinforce a more concrete linear sequence (Zones Pathway) in thinking through and problem solving how to self-regulate in specific Zones and in given situation
  • Reinforce COLLABORATION: participants work together in a group to enhance and support each other’s learning experiences

What’s in the Box

  • Zones Navigation Board—made of a strong mouse pad-like material to reduce the weight and increase durability
  • Instructions booklet with helpful tips to the Adult Facilitator for adaptations and modifications in using materials
  • 320 Situation Cards: 100 each, organized in Home, School, and Community decks, plus 20 Blank Cards to create your own situations
  • 60 Feeling Cards, each with word and visual illustrations of emotions that span the four Zones (includes 10 Blank Cards to write additional feelings)
  • 40 Tool Cards (10 per Zone color)
  • 7 sets of Checkpoint Cards (each set includes a Proceed Ahead & Re-Route Card)
  • 15 Destination Regulation! sleeves
  • 6 Toolbox Visuals (Tools per Zone are listed on one side; the other is blank to add your own tools)
  • Plastic card deck tray and labels to keep the cards organized

The Next Step

Once participants understand how to navigate a Zones Pathway, the Advanced Extension Pack offers additional cards to enable older, more sophisticated thinkers (ages 10+) to continue building their self-regulation skills. Add these advanced cards to the Navigating The Zones game to introduce three additional levels of play—including competitive game play! Interested in purchasing the book and the two games all at once?  Get the bundle!

Extension Products

In addition, there are three Zones of Regulation posters to support the concepts in the classroom. Posters can be found here: Zones of Regulation Poster,  Zones STOP, OPT and GO Poster and Zones Triggers Poster.  All three posters are Dry Erase, so you can write on them! Interested in purchasing all three posters at once?  Get the bundle.

Publishing Information

  • Ages: 8+
  • Format: Game
  • Item: 3449
  • Published: 2018

Additional information

Weight 3.1 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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