Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick (2nd Edition)


by Elizabeth Sautter (Ther Zones of Regulation trainer)

for ages 4 – 11

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Your child is great!  You are a great parent! And there is no guidebook to help you connect deeply with your child so that you can have a true influence on their development of critical social-emotional skills such as understanding and figuring out their internal sensations, emotions, and thoughts or how to feel comfortable and navigate daily social situations. Traditional parenting books don’t address the root causes or provide suggestions that help with your child’s needs—or yours.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do without adding on more to your busy life!

Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick provides simple and fun activities to add right into your daily life. There is no fuss or stress when you get the tools you need to use during everyday activities to help your child grow and be happy. All you need is yourself, your child, and your daily routines and interactions.

Buying Tip: If you are a parent looking to work at home with your child or a Therapist or Teacher looking for a book to recommend to parents to build Social and Emotional competencies at home, this book is for you.

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The Mom’s Choice Award winner, Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! Practical activities to help your child manage their emotions, navigate social situations and decrease anxiety, Expanded and Updated, (black and white version!) has helped thousands of families manage their child’s emotions, increase positive behavior and social skills, reduce anxiety, and so much more!

Does your child struggle to fit in, make friends, have social confidence, socialise, and navigate social situations? Learn how to help them become more aware, empathetic, and able to understand social and emotional skills to gain perspective and make friends.

Does your child experience high levels of anxiety or BIG emotions with meltdowns that happen in the blink of an eye?

Get inspired with mindful activities, coping tools, and daily calming strategies to boost your child’s emotional intelligence, regulation, and ability to pause before they react.

Are you looking for the energy and patience to help your child develop these skills, but too busy managing the meltdowns, self-regulation issues, and behaviors that come from sensitivities, anxiety, ADHD, or autism?

This Mom’s Choice Award–winning book offers practical ideas in a user-friendly structure with simple and fun activities that help parents do just that. Because your child learns the most from YOU!

Children need ongoing exposure for greater awareness and understanding of themselves and the complex world in which they live—as well as explanations and practice throughout the day—to manage their emotions, navigate social situations, and reduce anxiety.

Over 200 updated simple and easy-to-understand activities show you the teachable moments to use throughout your daily routines with your child.

Getting ready for the day, preparing and eating meals together, reading time, going to the doctor, celebrating holidays, and partnering with your child’s school become opportunities for discovery and practice of expected social behavior.

These social and emotional skills activities, including new mindfulness practices and a new section on bridging home and school, are invaluable for busy or overwhelmed parents. When you have the tools you need to help your child, you can both become more calm, confident, and connected.

Read Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! and help your child:

  • Build conversation skills for better relationships
  • Navigate transitions and boundaries, and try new things
  • Focus on schoolwork instead of resisting or complaining
  • Gain listening and mindfulness skills to build better friendships
  • Identify hidden social rules that make social situations easier
  • Learn empathy and how to see others’ perspectives instead of just their own
  • Develop tools to build resilience and emotional regulation, decrease anxiety, and much more!

Help your child thrive socially and emotionally—without either of you getting frustrated or overwhelmed!

Michelle Garcia Winner, the Founder of Social Thinking, says:

Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick!, 2nd edition is a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike! It features well over 100 practical activities that encourage and support social emotional relatedness during daily routines and across various settings, from home to school to community. Readers learn to take advantage of the many natural teaching moments that pop up every day to encourage a child’s social emotional engagement across a range of areas.”

Publishing information

  • Ages: 4-11
  • Pages: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Item No. 4765
  • Published: 2020

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