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Eye Power and Keeping Calm – Three Activity Book Bundle


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by Kim Gallo & Julie Annenberg

for ages 4 – 7

In this three activity book bundle, Zeebu and his friends let children experience “perspective taking” or “theory of mind.” Kids with social learning challenges, have difficulty understanding that people have thoughts that are different from their own. Zeebu and his friends learn that everyone has different thoughts all the time, and by looking at their friends faces, they begin to understand what their friends are thinking and feeling. The characters learn to see each other’s perspective, and change their behavior to coordinate it with each other. They learn to stop and think about the feelings of one another before reacting. They work out their problems together to achieve successful resolutions. The characters go through a “calming down” period when they notice their actions are affecting their relationships with each other. They learn to “Be calm so we can think” and “Take five deep breaths.”

Buying Tip: These three activity books have been developed specifically for young kids to use themselves to learn more about the “thinking with your eyes” connection and focus on ways children can learn to regulate their emotions. Parents, teachers and therapists can easily use these activity books to help their young children have fun and learn some valuable life skills. 

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Keeping Calm

This activity book contains exercises that focus on ways children can learn to regulate their emotions. The characters in this book learn how their bodies look and feel when they are calm and when they are not. Activities will encourage your child or student to make better choices during times of stress, and will give them tools they can use to help them remain calm. This 40-page activity book contains colouring pages, mazes, and playing together games. Come learn along with Zeebu, Neek, Jumby, and Banya, and have fun as they gain skills to cope with the unexpected events of life. Ages 4 and up.


Eye Power 1 – Learning To Use The Power of Your Eyes – Volume 1


Social learning made fun! Zeebu has created an activity book to help your child/student become a social thinker! Let Zeebu help your child/student to recognize emotions, play interactive social games, improve social awareness, and think about what others are thinking. This 40-page activity and coloring book includes coloring pages, stickers, and games. We hope you enjoy spending your day with Zeebu. Zeebu loves spending his time with you!



Eye Power 2 – Learning To Use The Power of Your Eyes – Volume 2


With Eye Power Volume Two, your child or student will continue to think socially with Zeebu! Explore thinking about others in a fun, engaging way. This interactive 40 page activity book contains coloring pages, filling in thought bubbles, dot to dots, and stickers. Concepts covered include: My Eyes Look At What I Am Thinking About and My Face Shows How I Feel, Others May or May Not Have the Same Thoughts That I Do, and My Eyes Can Tell Me What Others Are Thinking and Feeling. All activities build upon concepts covered in Eye Power Volume One.


Publishing Details

  • Authors: Kim Gallo & Julie Annenberg
  • Age(s): Ages 4-7
  • Pages: Keeping Calm – 40; Eye Power 1 – 40; Eye Power 2 – 36
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thought Bubble Productions
  • Item: 804879241300

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