I Get It! Building Social Thinking and Reading Comprehension Through Book Chats


by Audra Jensen

for ages 4-9

Leverage children’s love of stories while teaching core Social Thinking concepts. This innovative resource helps kids explore social context and unlock character perspectives and emotions within a story. Loaded with recommended story books aligned with specific social thinking concepts, as well as ideas for writing goals aimed at teaching social concepts through reading. Designed to strengthen reading comprehension, participation and cooperative play.

Buying Tip:  Lot’s of kids can read but do poorly at comprehension tests.  That’s because they don’t understand the social dimension of a story such as a character’s perspective, how they are feeling etc. Literature is a great way to teach “social” and this book shows you how.

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Reading comprehension is more than being able to read words and sentences…

How many parents and classroom teachers have experienced the child who can read, often at an early age, but can’t seem to grasp the meaning behind a sentence, or struggles to interpret story lines or the characters’ perspectives or emotions?

Reading comprehension is more than decoding words. It depends less on language comprehension and more on a student’s social thinking ability. Yet little has been written from this point of view. Until now. Author Audra Jensen brilliantly illuminates the synergistic relationship between social thinking and reading comprehension. Teachers, administrators, parents, and clinicians alike will appreciate her positive, practical approach to helping children learn to read for meaning.

Contents include

  • Discussion of the research available on reading comprehension and its relationship to social thinking
  • An organized teaching approach called Book Chat that uses children’s literature, often picture books, to teach social thinking and improve reading comprehension
  • Teacher-tested strategies for in-classroom use, aligned with current educational standards
  • Numerous examples of Book Chat literature, organised to teach specific Social Thinking® concepts
  • IEP goal ideas and examples

Concepts Explored Through Specific Books and Strategies

  • Boring Moments
  • Body in the Group
  • Smart and Wacky Guesses
  • The Social Fake
  • Social Wondering
  • Superflex and the Unthinkables
  • Thinking with Eyes
  • Whopping Topic Change

About the Author

Audra Jensen, a certified Special Education teacher and a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst, got her start as a parent of a child with autism. She has since been interested in the field of reading comprehension and social thinking and how they are interlaced in students with social cognitive disorders. Audra now runs a clinic which provides behaviour analytic services and social thinking groups to students with autism and related disorders. She lives in Vancouver, WA with a doting husband, two kids, and two loveable canine companions.

What People are Saying

Michelle Garcia Winner – Founder Social Thinking®

“Audra Jensen provides a motivating context through which students can explore, explain, and experience the messages implied in the books they read.  I Get It! is a strong tool that encourages our students to take their time to learn more about social information”.

Carol Zepecki – Director of Special Education and Student Services

“I Get It! is a valuable resource for parents and professionals who work with students on the autism spectrum. After reading it, you will want to keep it handy for choosing books for students to read. It describes the complex relationship between reading comprehension and social skills, identifies close to a hundred picture and chapter books to enhance these skills, and includes specific ideas, questions, and ‘book chat’ strategies.”

Christine Callans – Parent to a Child with Autism

“The connection Ms. Jensen makes between text comprehension and the social development of children is a huge breakthrough. By understanding this connection, parents and educators alike can effectively aid the children in their lives who struggle academically and/or socially.”

Maryellen Rooney Moreau – President and Founder, MindWing Concepts, Inc.

“Audra Jensen’s book is written from her perspective as parent of a child with autism as well as a social cognitive specialist. As such, it brings to life the essential connection among Social Thinking®, reading comprehension, and language. Her research review, Book Chats, and extensive listing of children’s literature selections that incorporate components of the ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking® (by Michelle Garcia Winner) and integrate Story Grammar Marker® combine to provide a well written, scholarly, and inspiring text. The most exciting and important ideas I took away are the child-focused interaction examples and the seamless flow from research to practice. Everything is there to begin tomorrow and build upon in the future.”

Linda Albright – Special Education Teacher

“As a special education teacher working with kids on the autism spectrum, I have often found that the social dilemmas and miscues my students experience in real life also manifest in reading comprehension. My students have a hard time figuring out characters’ feelings, points of view, and motivations. Audra Jensen’s book, I Get It!, teaches ways to facilitate students’ understanding of social clues in literature that can be easily generalised into navigating their own social worlds. Audra supplies the reader with an abundance of literary resources and guiding questions that address various social miscues. I Get It! is a must have resource for parents, therapists, and teachers working with kids on the spectrum.”

Publishing Information

  • For: Parents and professionals
  • Ages: 4-9
  • Publishing Date: October 2011
  • Publisher: Think Social Publishing
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 143
  • Item No: 3012

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Audra Jensen


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