How Do I Feel? An Interactive Reading Book of Emotions


by Joan Green

for ages 4 – 12

Through this book children learn to identify pictures of emotions.

Sentences such as, “I feel ________ when I do a good job,” allow the students to label their feelings. (There are no “correct” answers.) Open-ended questions at the back of the book allow teachers, therapists, parents or children to make up their own sentences. Even if a student is non-verbal or doesn’t speak English, once they can identify the pictures, you can read the sentence and have them give you or point to the picture that labels their emotion.

Another fun activity and a means of assessing a students emotions is to put the pictures face down and have students pick a picture. Ask them to give you an example of what might make them feel that way. A student picks a card that says, “excited”, ask the student to tell you something that would make them feel excited.

Buying Tip: This is an excellent book for kids to learn how to match, identify and label specific emotions. Of particular value are the sections that have a card with a comment “I feel …”.  This book is a recommended resource to use together with The Zones of Regulation.

I Have Feelings Too is the result of requests from users of the highly-regarded, “How Do I Feel?” The difference being “I Have Feelings, Too!” uses pictures and sentences appropriate for older kids (teens and adults but also useful as an extension exercise for younger kids). Check it out HERE.

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Joan Green

The AuthorsPresident, Greenhouse Publications

Teacher, Author, Speaker

Joan Green taught special education in the Los Angeles school system for 16 years and was selected as Special Education Teacher of the Year. She served as a member of an Autism Task Force where she co-authored a certification of competency for teaching children with autism. As an educational consultant she is frequently called upon as a guest speaker for national organisations. Joan developed many teaching aids over the course of her classroom experience and makes these materials available to others through her company, Greenhouse Publications.

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Publishing Details

  • Ages: 4-12
  • Author: Joan Green
  • Published: 2011
  • Publisher: Green House Publishing
  • Format: Laminated pages in a two ring holder
  • Pages: 25
  • Item: GP08

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Professor Tony Attwood says:

“This is an excellent book for young children with Asperger’s Syndrome to learn how to match, identify and label specific emotions. Of particular value are the sections that have a card with a comment “I feel …”. These are for the child to choose the face and emotion that goes with the particular situation, such as ‘when I go new places’, ‘when I don’t know what to do’ or ‘when people see me make mistakes’. This book will be particularly useful to teachers who are developing an effective education program for young children with Asperger’s Syndrome. Joan Green is a special education teacher of considerable experience and she has devised a number of resource materials that can be used with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders”.

“At our school kids who need visuals to help them identify feelings and emotions enjoy using How Do I Feel” – primary school teacher

“This extremely resource was helpful for my child with ASD to communicate her feelings. We use at school and at home and it helps her easily respond in all situations” – parent

“I have started using The Zones of Regulation in my classroom and this book helps my students understand their emotions” – teacher

“Great book for teaching emotional vocabulary” – therapist

“I bought How Do I Feel to compliment the work I do with sensory regulation. I think How Do I Feel will be a good tool to use in conjunction with The Zones of Regulation” – therapist

Additional information

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