Hey Warrior


by Karen Young

for ages 5-12 (and up).

Item No: 8811

A book for kids about anxiety. Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from is a powerful step in turning anxiety around. Anxiety explained, kids empowered.

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Empower children to manage their anxiety by learning that it comes from a place of protective strength within their brains—the amygdala—a tiny but fierce personal “warrior” that prepares us to fight or flee danger, even when we don’t need or want its protection! Wonderful illustrations and keen insights gently teach children how to be the boss of their brains and let their warriors know when to stand down and relax through positive thinking and breathing exercises. By understanding the physical science of anxiety and why their brains produce it, children can then learn to master it as a positive, friendly superpower.

Michelle Garcia Winner, the Founder of Social Thinking, says:

Between the gorgeous illustrations and the incredible insights, the information provided within this storybook provides a powerhouse of information to help kids develop a growth mindset. Hey Warrior helps kids make sense of their anxiety, while also being encouraged to see it in a positive light. For our little scientists, the role of our brain’s amygdala is described as our personal warrior helping us to be prepared to battle any perceived threats. The author explains that anxiety “is amazing but it doesn’t always feel amazing” because your “fierce warrior is working for you, even at times when you don’t need protecting.” The author goes on to explain that as bossy as your amygdala can be, it works best when you (the child) insist on being the boss. She provides a strategy to help kids practice being ready to keep their warrior in control as needed.

I love how this storybook helps kids learn about their anxiety in a manner that helps them understand its role in our lives while also learning how to not let it take over our lives. Learning about one’s own internal experiences and how to manage them is the ultimate cognitive behavioural teaching. Young readers will not only learn about their own brains, but understand how they can learn to manage their internal reactions.

This book pairs well with The Zones of Regulation by Leah Kuypers, What Is a Thought? (A Thought Is a Lot) by Jack Pransky and Amy Kahofer and The Whole-Brain Child series by Dan Seigel and Tina Payne Bryson. It complements all aspects of the Social Thinking® Methodology because this little gem empowers students to learn aspects of executive functions, including self-regulation, by learning about one’s emotional self. This helps individuals meet whatever goal they set for themselves, even if their goal makes them anxious!

About the Author – Karen Young

Karen began her career as a psychologist in private practice. She has worked extensively with children teens and families, and in educational and organisation settings. She has lectured and has a Masters in Gestalt Therapy. It is through her work with children, teens and families, that she learned the power of solid information when it is placed in the solid, loving hands of parents or any important person in the life of a child.

Karen created Hey Sigmund, an internationally popular online resource, as a way to provide contemporary, research-driven information on the art of being human, and being with humans. The website has a particular emphasis on strengthening the mental wellness of children and adolescents. It attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. The articles have been translated into a number of languages and have been published on various international sites including Parenting Magazine in New Zealand, The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, and The Mighty.

Karen can often be heard on Australian radio. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant and works with schools, government bodies, and child and adolescent focused organisations, both in Australia and overseas to build resources, implement procedures, and support the professional development of staff. She recently worked with Plan International Australia to create resources for parents in response to the recent Australian bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic.

She is the author of three books, including the bestselling ‘Hey Warrior’ and ‘Hey Awesome’, which creatively assist children to understand and manage anxiety. The books have been translated into a number of languages and have sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide.

Australia is home, and she lives there with her two children and two stepchildren. Experience has taught her that people can do amazing things with the right information, psychology has something for everyone, jargon doesn’t, everyone has a story to tell, short bios are the longest to write, nobody has it all figured out and the best people to be around are the ones who already know this.

Publishing Information

  • Ages: 5-12+
  • Pages: 28
  • Format: Paperback
  • Item No: 8811
  • Published: 2017

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