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You are a Social Detective! (comic book)
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You are a Social Detective! First Edition

$46.20 $27.72

by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr Pam Crooke

for ages 5-10+ and even adults

First Edition copies of these books discounted by 40%

Help kids become social detectives who hunt for clues, using their ears, eyes and brains to make smart guesses about what’s happening , what’s expected and how others think and feel. This popular book encourages wide ranging curiosity in students to boost social-emotional learning. Kids learn not only to become better detectives about the world around them, but also to turn a magnifying glass on their own behaviours, figuring out how a certain response might impact others. Award winning content covers a lot of teaching self-awareness and social competencies.  It also teachers professionals, parents and  children how to use social Thinking vocabulary to support the social learning process.

Buying Tip:  This is the place to start when introducing Social Thinking concepts and vocabulary to every age group.  This brand new first edition copy is not too different to the second edition book, but 40% cheaper!

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You can access lots of free articles on the Social Thinking USA website here.

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