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Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough


by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

for ages 18+

Written to help all adults but especially useful for those with subtle but significant social learning challenges.  This book helps adults read the hidden rules of the social world. The book includes practical strategies that can be used in both the workplace and all areas of life to better understand and respond to others and social situations.

Buying Tip: This book is a must read for managers who are sent to courses titled “managing difficult employees” as much as it is a must read for employees who are struggling to “fit in” at work and perhaps get sent to such courses.  The social mind needs to be seen from both perspectives, so that we treat people with empathy and dignity and better understand the “social” dimension of the workplace.  We recommend this book to all adults who find relationships challenging, and don’t we all experience that from time to time? This book will help you understand your role in your family and in your significant relationship as much as it helps you understand how to navigate the social dimension of the workplace.  This book will also help managers understand the struggles faced by many employees, and in so doing, help them be better “people” managers. This book is our recommended read for all adults. 

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