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Social Behaviour Mapping – Listening to the Teacher Talk – Poster


by Michelle Garcia Winner

for ages 8+

Social Behavior Mapping is a strategy described in detail in one of our core books on Social Thinking, Thinking About You Thinking About Me, and also in the book Social Behavior Mapping: Connecting Behavior, Emotions and Consequences Across the Day. The purpose of a Social Behavior Map is to help students learn how each of their behaviors has an emotional impact on the people around them, which can result in positive or negative consequences for the student.

Buying Tip: This poster outlines a map for one specific, but important, social situation: listening to the teacher talk during class. A great visual tool to accompany Social Thinking lessons related to expected/unexpected behaviour, perspective taking, and the thought–feeling–behaviour connection with specific reference to the classroom.  Every teacher should have one in their classroom!

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