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Social Fortune or Social Fate
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Social Fortune or Social Fate: A Social Thinking Graphic Novel Map for Social Quest Seekers


by Pamela Crooke and Michelle Garcia Winner

for ages 10+

Social Behavior Mapping meets manga to appeal to tweens and teens.  Based on their social choices, the destinies of three relatable characters unfold in graphic novel style.  Cleverly organised to show how social decision making can lead to social fortune or an undesirable social fate. Vividly displays how a situation can change quickly based on how someone reacts – and how those behaviours impact others’ thoughts and feelings.

Buying Tip:  Through this anime-based graphic teaching book, tweens and teens will be inspired to explore how social decision making and problem solving impact their own ability to feel good about themselves, while also exploring how their behaviours (expected and unexpected) impact others. This product provides direct instruction and guidance to students and their teachers by explaining visually, with words and with strategy codes how to decipher social situations and related social emotional responses. This book has received very positive reviews from teens and professionals. It’s target audience is 10 years through to high school students.

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