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  • You are a Social Detective! (comic book)
    by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr Pam Crooke for ages 5-10+ and even adults Help kids become social detectives who hunt for clues, using their ears, eyes and brains to make smart guesses about what's happening , what's expected and how others think and feel. This popular book encourages wide ranging curiosity in students to boost social-emotional learning. Kids learn not only to become better detectives about the world around them, but also to turn a magnifying glass on their own behaviours, figuring out how a certain response might impact others. Award winning content covers a lot of teaching self-awareness and social competencies.  It also teachers professionals, parents and  children how to use social Thinking vocabulary to support the social learning process. Buying Tip:  This is the place to start when introducing Social Thinking concepts and vocabulary to every age group. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here.
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    YouCue Feelings uses online YouTube videos to foster Social Learning and expand emotional understanding.  It is the perfect companion to The Zones of Regulation. The author of "Zones", Leah Kuypers, says of YouCue Feelings: "This is a must have resource for teachers, therapists and parents supporting the development of social emotional skills. Through the use of engaging videos, YouCue Feelings provides learning activities that appeal to students, making learning fun and builds fundamental skills in emotional recognition in self and others, social cognition and contextual awareness."
  • by Leah Kuypers for ages 8+ Get in and stay in the self-regulation zones with this handy dry-erase 3 pack of Zones of Regulation posters. Core Zones concepts in easy-to-use visual form for the home, classroom or therapy room. Buying Tip: Save 10% when you purchase these best selling products as a bundle. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here.
  • by Leah Kuypers, Terri Rossman and Elizabeth Sautter. for ages 8 to young adults Help kids, teens and young adults build emotional awareness, self-regulation, problem solving and  more with these interactive teaching materials. Buying Tip: Save 10% when you purchase these best selling products as a bundle. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here.
  • by Leah Kuypers, Terri Rossman and Elizabeth Sautter for ages 10+ (tweens, teens and adults) The Advanced Extension Pack and Game Cards is a companion to Navigating The Zones to help player 10 to young adult deepen their problem solving, flexibility, imagination, perspective taking and more. Buying Tip:  Make sure you use the Zones of Regulation products sequentially.  You start with the The Zones of Regulation (book with lessons).  Once students have a good understanding of the concepts covered in the Zones of Regulation curriculum, you can move onto to the interactive teaching tool, Navigating The Zones.  You can then move onto this Advanced Extension Pack which gives you more game cards to use with the navigation board provided with Navigating the Zones.  It is for use with 1-6 participants and an adult facilitator.
    Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here.
  • by Leah Kuypers, Terri Rossman & Elizabeth Sautter for ages 8-18 and young adult This unique cooperative game expands on the teachings of The Zones of Regulation. It introduces the concept of the "Zones Pathway" via an interactive board and a variety of card decks to explore situations, emotions and related self-regulatory tools.  Participants collaborate as they problem solve how to navigate different social situations. Buying Tip:  The adult facilitator using Navigating The Zones and the participants in your program, need to be familiar with the core concepts and vocabulary taught in The Zones of Regulation curriculum to use this product effectively.  Navigating The Zones is NOT intended to be a stand-alone tool to teach The Zones of Regulation framework. Navigating The Zones highlights a few core concepts in the book, but does not begin to tackle all concepts taught, so start by teaching The Zones of Regulation before you use this product. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here.
  • by Leah Kuypers Ages 4-18+ "Zones" is a curriculum designed to help students identify their feelings and emotional reactions and learn sensory and perspective taking strategies that encourage better self-regulation. A simple colour coded, four zones format encourages learning. This is a classroom and family friendly tool with wide application across students of all ages, right into adulthood. Buying Tip:  "Zones" is for anyone working to develop self-regulation skills in young children to young adults.  It's an international best seller and our most popular resource.  Schools around Australia and around the world are embedding "The Zones" across the whole school curriculum.  The resource can be used with individuals or with groups, and can be implemented by parents, by schools and by therapists.  This book comes highly recommended. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here.
  • by Leah Kuypers
    for ages 4+
    A hands-on resource that invites kids to name the tools they can use to manage their behaviours in each of the four zones.  The dry-erase surface lets you customise sensory and perspective taking strategies to both the situation and the student, teaching kids to better manage their behaviours. Buying Tip: The perfect visual reinforcement for self-regulation at home, at school or in the therapy room. Poster dimensions: 45.72 cms x 60.96 cms (18"x24") Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here. Scroll down for more details...
  • by Leah Kuypers for ages 4+ This in the moment teaching tool is designed to teach kids who struggle with impulse control.  The stop light visual reminds kids to pause, slow down, consider their options and decide which will best help them to self-regulate and resolve the situation. Buying Tip: This poster aligns with Lesson 17 in the book, The Zones of Regulation. Many students who struggle with self-regulation have difficulty with impulse control and figuring out alternative solutions to conflicts.  STOP, OPT and GO gives students an easy-to-remember phrase and visual to help them before they act on an impulse. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here. Scroll down for more details about Stop, Opt, Go...  
  • by Leah Kuypers for ages 8+ The Zones Triggers poster helps students identify the triggers that push them into the yellow or red zone. Kids write their triggers on the caution sign to remind themselves to use problem solving strategies to self-regulate in those situations. The dry-erase surface allows reuse as triggers change. Buying Tip:  This has to be one of the most useful self-regulation tools we sell as it is designed to help students gain awareness of their personal triggers and then discuss strategies to help them manage themselves in those situations. The more we talk with a child about the situations that trigger their emotional escalation, the more control you give the child to manage themselves in those situations. Information on Purchase Orders here.  Postage information here. Scroll down for more details about Zones Triggers...