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January 28, 2022

The Zones of Regulation “Introductory” Training – Online “Live” with Elizabeth Sautter – Friday 28 January 2022

Next Course Friday 28 January 2022.  Tickets on Sale SOON.

Three Hour Zones of Regulation “Introductory” Training conducted online “live” via Zoom.

This introductory training will highlight key components of The Zones of Regulation curriculum and will either give you the confidence to get started with implementing the program with your students or give you a ton of new ideas if you are already on your Zones journey.

In addition to exploring critical lessons, participants will develop a solid understanding of the four Zones of Regulation, delve into tools to support self-regulation and review practice strategies to ensure implementation with fidelity. 

Participants gain insight into why The Zones of Regulation framework works. Participants will be taught to break down the steps of regulation into a cognitive pathways that can be easily taught to both neurodiverse and neurotypical learners.

Visuals, videos and student work samples are shared to illustrate the common language and visual system the Zones utilizes to build the foundational, life-long skill of self-regulation (2.75 clock hours and a 15 minute break to equal a 3 hour day).  

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