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Because we value community, The Social Mind facilitates connections between the people we serve.  We are developing a “community directory” but while it’s under construction we want to share information about our three major Associates, Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking®, Dr Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions® and Leah Kuypers’ The Zones of Regulation®.  We hope their listing provides more information about why we think these approaches are helpful in teaching kids the social development skills they may lack, enabling them to make a contribution to their community and live fulfilling lives.  More to follow!

Social Thinking®

The Social Mind Pty Ltd is proud to be Australia’s only licensed reseller of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® books and training resources, and regularly supply Social Thinking resources to countries in the region. We believe that Social Thinking® provides a terrific framework for teaching our kids the social cognition skills they may lack, to help them navigate the social world.  Peter has trained in Michelle Garcia Winner’s Clinic in San Jose California.  He has a wealth of experience using Social Thinking® resources across the whole range of social learning difficulties, both diagnosed and undiagnosed.  Peter is always happy to answer your questions about our Social Thinking® products and you can contact him by phoning (02) 5105 52 62 (if phoning from Australia) or +61 2 5105 5262 (if phoning from outside Australia) or by email

If you are new to Social Thinking® and want to know where to start, you can read Where Do I Start with Social Thinking? by Michelle Garcia Winner and Deborah Meringolo. You can view Michelle Garcia Winner explaining Social Thinking® on YouTube hereMore YouTube Social Thinking® videos can be found here. Many FREE articles on Social Thinking® can be found hereFind out how Michelle Garcia Winner Came to be in the Film “Life, Animated” here.

Social Thinking® is a registered trademark of Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing Inc.  A guide to sharing Social Thinking’s® Intellectual Property can be found here.

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions

Peter has worked across a range of settings with “challenging” kids and strongly believes in the approach to behaviour, problem solving and skills development pioneered by Dr Ross Greene – Collaborative and Proactive Solutions® (CPS).  Dr Greene’s approach places the child in the centre of any treatment strategy and focuses on addressing unsolved problems and lagging skills.  This proactive approach to child development gives hope and direction to all involved in shaping young lives and aligns with our belief that kids would do well if they could do well.  CPS puts the humanity back into child development and stands in stark contrast to other approaches which attempt to shape behaviour through rewards and consequences.  The Social Mind is proud to have hosted two speaking tours to Australia by Ross Greene.  Our aim in hosting training events with Dr Greene is to expand the use of his CPS model throughout Australia and New Zealand.  We believe Collaborative and Proactive Solutions provides the ideal framework within which to identify and teach our kids the skills they may lack and help them make a positive contribution to their families and their communities and live fulfilling lives.  In this regard, we believe CPS to be an ideal partner with Social Thinking®.

We receive no financial incentives in promoting the work of Dr Greene or his model, we do it because we believe in the effectiveness of his approach.  You can find out more and obtain lots of free resources from the website of Dr Greene’s not for profit Lives in the Balance.

The Zones of Regulation®

The Social Mind is a proud collaborator with  Leah Kuypers, the creator and author of The Zones of Regulation.  Like us, Leah aims to provide others with information that helps them make a positive contribution to their communities and live fulfilling lives.  Leah does this by providing training and resources aimed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.  Her book, The Zones of Regulation, has been enthusiastically received by educators, therapists and parents around the world.

To date over 100,000 copies of The Zones of Regulation book have been sold and the framework has been implemented in schools across Australia to support students’ social emotional learning. ​ Leah’s simple to use framework is having an impact where it matters most, by giving kids strategies to self-regulate their emotions, enabling them to not only understand the impact their behaviour has on others, but to ensure that their behaviour is putting them in the best position to succeed.  Leah’s work is changing lives.

Leah only travels outside the USA to train for the Social Mind and and we value the special relationship we have with her.  You can find out more about Leah’s best selling book here.  You can find out about Leah’s next scheduled “live” training in Australia here.  Leah’s webinars are on her US website here.

Our list is under development, more to come…