School Purchase Orders & NDIS Orders

The process has changed.

We accept Purchase Orders from Australian institutions such as schools and government departments and we ask that you place the order on our website.

If you are in New Zealand, we prefer you to purchase on our website using a Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. If you need an Invoice upfront, scroll down for your options.

Here’s how Australian Schools and Institutions can use a Purchase Order on our website.

1. Create an Account on our website via the “My Account” button top right. If you already have an Account, login (if you forgot your password, reset your password using the button provided to do that.  Note: If you take a guess at your password and get it wrong, you will be locked out for 30 minutes).

2. Add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart.

3. Click “View Cart” to check your order (make sure the number of items you want is correct).

4. Click “Proceed to Checkout”.

5. Your Billing Details will be automatically loaded, check them and add your State from the dropdown menu.

6. Click “Next”, if you want the items sent to a different address add that here or click “Next”.

7. In the Checkout choose the “Purchase Order” option and write your Purchase Order Number in the box.

8. Accept the Terms and click “Place Order”. The website will place your order on hold and email you our Tax Invoice.  Please pass our Invoice to the person responsible for payment. We will change your order to “Processing” when it is packed, you will receive an email notifying you.  When the order is dispatched you will receive another email with the tracking number.

9.  If you have problems or questions call our Office on (02) 5105 5262.

Obtaining a Purchase Order – Purchase Orders are obtained from your school Business Manager. You can get prices from our website for you to apply to your school for a Purchase Order, simply add the products you intend to order to our website shopping cart, click “View Cart” and the pricing, including postage, will display. Our business details for you to obtain a Purchase Order are below, just scroll down to find them.  If you require a formal “Quote” call our Office on (02) 5105 5262.

Schools in New Zealand – We recommend schools in New Zealand who can’t pay by Credit/Debit card or PayPal on our website and need an Invoice upfront, email us their order [email protected] and we will manually Invoice you.  The Invoice we send you will contain an embedded link to pay by Credit/Debit card.  A lot of schools in NZ have difficulty transferring funds into our Australian Bank Account and need to pay by Credit/Debit Card so paying on our website is the quickest way.

Our Terms – Our Terms for Purchase Orders are strictly payment within 30 days. Payment details are on the Invoice we send you.

Our Business Details

If you are setting us up as a vendor on your payment system:

Our registered business name is The Social Mind Pty Ltd

Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 61 624 876 624

We ARE registered for GST (all prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST)

Our address is PO Box 4170 HAWKER ACT 2614 (contact us if your system needs a street address).

Our phone number is (02) 5105 5262.

Our email address is [email protected].

Our Bank Details

Our Bank Details are:

BSB: 112 908 (St George Bank)

Account Number: 441 333 732

Account Name: The Social Mind Pty Ltd

Invoicing for Schools in New Zealand

It is easier for schools in New Zealand to purchase via our website using a credit or debit card. If you are in New Zealand and require an Invoice upfront, email your order to [email protected] and we will manually Invoice you. The Invoice we send you will contain an embedded link to pay by Credit/Debit card. New Zealand orders are Tax Free.

NDIS Self-Managed Plans and NDIS Plan Managers

If you are self managed, use our website to pay for the order and our website will send you a Tax Invoice/Receipt.

If you use a Plan Manager you have two options.

Option 1: You can generate an Invoice yourself using our website.  Follow the steps in Purchase Orders above. In the Checkout select the Purchase Order option and in the box that appears type your child’s name and NDIS number i.e Peter Batten NDIS No. 431000000.  The website will email you a Tax Invoice and you can lodge that with your Plan Manager.  When payment has been received we will send the order.

Option 2:  Email the following information to [email protected]

  • Child’s name, NDIS Number and postal address to send the order
  • Your Plan Manager, their postal address and their email address to send our Invoice
  • Your order i.e. what you want to purchase?

Please ensure you have funding available in your child’s Plan BEFORE sending us the order.  If the Plan Manager does not pay we will consider you liable for payment. Our Terms for NDIS Plan Managers are strictly payment within 30 days. Our Bank Details details are on the Invoice we send to Plan Managers.  We also take credit card payments over the phone (02) 5105 5262.

Please note that we are not a registered NDIS Provider so do not Invoice for those “NDIS registered provider only” plans.

Dispatch Timeframe

Due to the large number of orders received by The Social Mind your order could take ten business days to dispatch, delivery time is on top of that.

If you need your order quickly, you should use our Express Post/Priority Dispatch option.

Centralised Government Invoicing Systems

If you need to use a centralised Invoicing system such as NSW Education’s EDconnect or NSW Health or QLD Education’s One School, or Victoria DET, we are a registered vendor with all state education departments and health departments around Australia.  You can obtain prices from our website for your Purchase Order, simply add the products you intend to order to our website shopping cart, click “View Cart” and the pricing, including postage, will display.

Website Orders made from countries outside Australia

Our website is set to geolocate the country you are viewing from and does not display the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) when viewing the website from and shipping to, countries outside Australia.  Sales made to countries outside Australia, do not pay the Australian Tax (GST).  More information on countries we ship to is here.

Our Policies

Further information can also be found by reading our Returns Policy, our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use and our Workshop Refund and Cancelation Policy.

Need Assistance

If you are having difficulty placing an order, please contact us on (02) 5105 5262 or via [email protected] and we will give you any assistance you may need.