//‘Bus Trip’ a film about standing up for what’s right, despite the odds

‘Bus Trip’ a film about standing up for what’s right, despite the odds

It’s also about the long-term, and often life-long, support provided by parents.

Our 11 year old son, Elijah, was recently cast in a film that was entered in the Focus on Ability Short Film Film Festival.  Elijah’s involvement aside, it’s a great film starring Peter Rosini and directed by Sebastian Chan.

Bus Trip is a film with a message, both on the screen and behind the scenes.  On screen it’s a film that demonstrates just what people with a disability can do with the right support.  Behind the scenes this film is a tribute to the long-term, and often life-long, support provided to people with a disability, by their parents.

We’d love you to see the film, there’s a link to the film here and below.  It’s only a short film.

The film Bus Trip, tells the story of a man with a disability who, with the support of others on the bus, stands up for what is right.  It focuses attention on his abilities, rather than his disability.

“I was motivated by videos I had seen on social media of people being harassed on buses and their fellow patrons standing up for them,” said the film’s Director, Sebastian Chan.

The film was produced by Maria Rosini, mother of the lead actor Peter Rosini.  Peter is an actor with a disability and Maria has actively supported and encouraged Peter to pursue his interests and develop his talent.  Their story is in every sense, a focus on ability.  Maria is a strong advocate for the film’s message and steadfastly supports Peter’s passion for acting.

Our son Elijah attends drama lessons run by the Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art, it’s one of those Friday after school things.  He’s interested in acting and when the casting opportunity came up, he asked me to help him put together a CV.  He’s 11 right.  I threw something together and took his portrait with my phone.  He was lucky enough to be cast as the younger version of the main character, Peter, and appears in the flashback scene.  In Elijah’s scene, Peter is remembering a time when he unsuccessfully tried to stand up to a bully in the school playground, nobody supported him.  Undeterred by past failures, Peter tries again to stand up for what is right, this time he gets the support of those around him.  That scene alone is a powerful message for us all, but wow, what an amazing film for your first acting gig.

We hope you find the film inspiring, on many levels.  Here’s the link to the film.

  • You can find out more about Peter Rosini here, scroll to the end of the page in the link, Peter’s Bio is the last one, his film “Beautiful” is also there.
  • If you are interested in other films entered in the Focus on Ability Film Festival, here’s another link What it feels like – focus on Autism

If you care to, after you watch the film tell me what you think, peter@socialmind.com.au