//Superflex: My Hero Inside Music CD

Superflex: My Hero Inside Music CD


by Michael Silversher, Patty Silversher

Ages: 7-10+

Grammy-winning songwriters Michael and Patty Silversher and talented performers sing away the pesky Unthinkables with 13 adorable songs that support the Superflex curriculum. Kids light up listening to fun, catchy songs about the entertaining world of Superflex. Whether it’s training at the Superflex Academy or overcoming the Destroyer of Fun, listeners are sure to find their inner superhero through these great songs! Also available on Amazon and iTunes. Preview the music and download the lyrics on our website.

Buying Tip: Sing your Unthinkables to rest with these 13 fun, catchy, and educational songs that support our children’s social emotional learning as taught through the Superflex curriculum! Each song is an upbeat combination of music and lyrics that can help kids learn more about Social Town, the sneaky Unthinkables, and training at the Superflex Academy to help them seek their “Hero Inside”.

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Download the Lyric Sheet.   Download the packet of lyrics to help you develop lesson plans to use with the music.

Song Samples

This Album Includes 13 Songs: Click the Play button to hear a sample.

Social Town1:36

Social Detective 1:40

Rock Brain 1:40

Worry Wall 1:47

Glassman 1:39

One-Sided Sid 1:31

Superflex Academy 1:32

WasFunnyOnce 1:35

D.O.F. Destroyer of Fun 1:31

Space Invader 1:28

Body Snatcher 1:36

Brain Eater 1:45

My Hero Inside 1:38

PLEASE NOTE: songs support the Superflex Curriculum and are not a stand-alone teaching tool.

So many brilliant and enthusiastic individuals collaborated on the Superflex music! Five talented singers (one in fifth grade and another a former client of Michelle’s) joined award-winning songwriters, veteran composers and well-known musicians. The 13 songs arose out of the gifted minds, hearts, and voices of individuals who worked for many months with Social Thinking on the songs and lyrics.

Publishing Information

Published: 2015
Publisher: Think Social Publishing, Inc.
Format: CD
Item: 5120


Executive Producer: Social Thinking Publishing

Produced by: Michael Silversher, Bob DeMarco, and Patty Silversher

Recorded by: Steve McDonald

Mixed by: Bob DeMarco and Steve McDonald

Mastered by: Steve McDonald and Bob DeMarco

Music and lyrics by: Patty and Michael Silversher

Singers: Randy Crenshaw, John Emmerich, Nick Guzman, Ali Handal, and Eva Kewely

Musicians: Michael Silversher: keyboards, vocals, arrangements; Bob DeMarco: guitars, bass, percussion, sound design; Mike Baird: drums, percussion.

Additional information

Weight 0.60 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Primary School


Michael and Patty Silversher

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